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Panels and blinds: Lily Latifi

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"For more than 10 years now, Lily latifi has been creating and manufacturing textile solutions for interior design for contract and private customers."


"Lily, your work is quite unique in the world of decoration..."


"Yes, that's probably because I don't think of my work as decorative! I tend to think of my products as practical and functional.

That's why each panel is made to measure, taking in account the architecture and light of the space where it will be used. I even rethink the placement of my designs for each client and advise them on which fabric and mechanism would best serve their specific need.


"By the way, we have here a practical example of how one can use my panels : I had to deal with a big column and fire emergency point that are just beside my booth. I have hidden these behind semi-transparent vertical blinds in order to show the function of my panels. In a real situation one can of course use translucent or opaque screens to cover the background entirely.


" You have recently designed the "trompe l'oeil" collection..."


"Yes, in my earlier days I used to create fabrics with reliefs and embosses such as pleats and wrinkles. Today, I create the same effects using photography and digital print that give the illusion of reliefs and embosses. This is why I have called the collection "trompe l'oeil" "


"And your new products for 2012?"


"The first one is an extension of the "trompe l'oeil" collection printed on carpet in order to give the illusion of reliefs on the floor."

"Then we have vertical blinds that combine panels with different colours and panels with laser cut designs"

"Last, we have sun screen panels with bands in different colours that provide extra shade and depth to the product"


"Thank you Lily!"

Find all Lily Latifi's products and designs on or at her Parisian showroom and shop.



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