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Wrought Iron Work and Furniture Bronze - Bronzes de France

Durée : 2min 55sec | Chaîne : Reportages

Exploring the protected archives of Bronzes de France is like experiencing time travel.

From cremones to lever handles, from door knockers to window catches and from roses to stair finials, 4 centuries of styles organized throughout the collection stamped «La  Quincaillerie Centrale  » 

Today we retain this prestigious collection’s vault, created in the 19th century, Bronzes de France is heiress of the savoirs faire of bronze artisians and wrought iron’s craftsmen of past times. Many creations are still hand chiseled according to traditional methods. Also, digital controlled machines, which give infallible precision, give us an harmonious link between ancient and present times


Settled in Tinchebray, on the border between the west of the Orne and Calvados departments the wide workshops shelter the complete crafting department for wrought iron work and furniture bronze.

The forge workshop and its impressive sledgehammer impress their strength to shape wrought iron pieces without any ornaments.

Here, each craft has its own gesture and each prestigious brass piece has its own cast model.

Bronzes de France is still using the traditional molding process by sand casting, however, in this shot, it will be the “lost wax” cast that will be used. This method is more adapted to fit small pieces that will get out the plaster mold the size of grapes, this method allows us to get crisp and accurate details.

Once chiseled and rubbed, pieces go through polishing, the last process before surface treatment. It is at this time where by successive baths pieces will gain the customized final dress chosen among many different finishes.

Here a nitrated gold finish, replacing the mercury gilding for obvious environmental reasons will need a last and very precise step: the hand rock burnishing. 

Under Yves Gesteau’s policy, these processes and techniques, first being artistic, have been exclusively associated with Bronzes de France and Bagues. Bagues is a lighting firm established in 1840 and famous worldwide for its chandeliers and lighting.

Bronzes de France became one of the key partners for Parisian palaces like the Crillon, the Ritz, the Meurice or the George V and more recently, the K2 in Courchevel.

With ‘savoir faire’ recognized all over the world, as well as new partnerships with contemporary designers, such as Nicolas Aubagnac and India Mahdavi, and the firm intervening on abroad projects (private houses and government buildings in United States, Middle East and Russia to name a few) we are able to satisfy an often wealthy and always more demanding clientele.

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