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Luxury Bathrooms : Volevatch

Durée : 3min 6sec | Chaîne : Reportages
Bathrooms are presently spaces focused on personal hygiene and comfort.  Their decoration is treated at the same level as that of a bedroom or a living room.  
Personal bathrooms are a relatively recent concept, which find their origins in the nineteenth century with the emergence of the water heater.
The first bathroom fixtures manufacturer was set up in the French department of Somme. It was precisely in Tully, a few kilometers away from the bay of the river Somme, where Volevatch originally opened its workshops. The family firm restores old bathrooms and displays its passion and skills in manufacturing top quality bathroom fixtures that perpetuate both a heritage and a luxury item "à la française". 
Today, Volevatch creates fixtures and other bathroom elements, all that is needed to fit out a bathroom.
A permanent reflection on the new creations necessarily involves a culture of what has always existed. “In order to create new models, we must stick to the actual roots of what has already being created. If we leave history aside, we will create objects that will have no strength. We must stick to the past and, at the same time, react to the norms of present lifestyles by incorporating innovations to the objects. In order to achieve this goal, we must have the necessary skills to manufacture the objects, but we must also have our hands free in order to continue to be creative.  When we can add to the work of a machine the work of a hand, we become free and are able to create new forms. Creation is not possible if we strictly rely on an industrial tool. Likewise, we can use advanced technologies, such as computer-aided sculpture, which grants the sculptor, once the object has been electronically designed, all the necessary time to chisel a final object in full detail. We can even use more advanced technologies to create that sketch and then leave time to the individuals who will fine tune and finish off the work with their personal manual skills that cannot be reproduced by any machine. These individuals will therefore have the necessary time to complete that piece of work.”
This particular and unique skill of Volevatch is surely the reason for having seen its activities registered in the Inventory of Rare Art Professions, within the framework of the UNESCO  Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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