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Lily Latifi's luminous world

Durée : 3min 14sec | Chaîne : Présentations

Transparency, translucency or opacity.

Lightness of materials, poetry and elegance of design: welcome to Lily Latifi's luminous world.

Gliding panels, curtains and roller blinds.

Her textile solutions for interiors offer lots of possibilities like sun screens, space dividers or window displays

In all her designs, she combines grace, elegance and simplicity with a high degree of functionality and the use of the latest technology.

For Lily fabrics are more than just decoration.

This is why each panel is tailor made, taking into account the architecture and light of the space where it will be used.

Her subtle, light and poetic cut out designs let in light without letting in the heat. These cut out shapes also create wonderful shadows on surrounding walls and floor.

In addition, these perforated compositions create graphic rhythms that drift from one window to another and evolve as light changes through the day... and night.

Amongst her collections there are also transparent panels to be used as space dividers. They are discrete and relaxing while preserving an open space spirit.

The blackout screens in 100% woollen felt are heat and sound proof thus ideal as space dividers or as display.

In the case of the "trompe l'œil" collection, Lily's idea is to create an illusion : the illusion of relief.

She intends the spectator to feel the need to touch the material only to realise that the relief and embossed images are actually photographic prints.

In her workshop lilly creates drawings and shapes for both professionals and private individuals in her workshop; from there she chooses the materials and colors which will play with the light. 

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