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Knives and flatware Scof and Laguiole 100% Made in France - André Verdier

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Since the early 19th century, the name Verdier has been engraved on the steel blades of these master knife makers.

Today, the 6th generation, Aubry and Ronan Verdier, work in Celles sur Durolles - less than 10km from Thiers - and manage the family company which since 1936 has borne the name of their grandfather, André Verdier. The two brothers, raised with the ancestral skills of master knife makers since they were children, have also inherited the family tradition of innovation, which has constantly guided the company towards modernity.

Their policy is still 100% «Made in France» and the four production sites mostly source via local supplier networks. It is therefore with a certain satisfaction that Ronan Verdier tells us how this organisation not only ensures local employment and preserves knife making skills in the Thiers region, but also limits their carbon footprint.

Since the 1980’s, André Verdier knives has continued its expansion with the takeover of Scof and more recently Delarboulas, two prestigious brands which have opened the door to the luxury tableware market.

Today, the company products are renowned not only for their extremely high quality, but also for their elegance and design. These two notions are now indissociable and have generated new opportunités, such as a joint partnership with the award-winning chef Anne-Sophie Pic and the C+B Lefèbvre design agency, for a line of high-end stainless steel cutlery, followed by a complete range of kitchen utensils for the most demanding lovers of fine cuisine.

Chefs will also appreciate a unique range of knives forged from a single piece of steel. These professional knives, a marvel of craftsmanship, associate Ronan Verdier’s management of a clean design with the latest cutting-edge technology.

At present André Verdier also produces some of the most famous of all knives, the Laguiole brand. These complete cutlery sets or folding pocket knives come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.

The company regularly files new patents and seeks constantly to improve the comfort, the style and the ergonomy of its products.

André Verdier knives, highly renowned for their craftsmanship, their quality and originality and the wide choice of styles and ranges, are at present exported worldwide.

The company, a member of the «Ateliers d’Art de France» was also awarded the prestigious «French Living Heritage» label in 2012.


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