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French Luxury Bathroom, Mixers and Accessories - Cristal et Bronze Paris

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100 km far from Paris, the capital of the Gatinais region conceals another treasure apart from the Madeleine Tower and the cave of the Templiers: Copper, Nickel, Gold, Crystal and Bronze.


This treasure is not lying in the ground, but inside the walls of one of the most famous french manufacturers of luxury bathroom products, the aptly named Company “Cristal et Bronze”.


For over 50 years, the workshops which saw the birth of the majestic falcon, the brand’s emblem, have been located in Château Landon where three families of very high-end bathroom products have been developed and manufactured : wall accessories like this towel holder, free standing items like this tissue box, and mixer sets like this Millesime spout and its finely finished crystal handles.


Luxury in the bathroom, and particularly in the faucets, is above all, exceptional finishes.

We can see a perfect aestheticism, in the quality of the mirror polishing, as well as in the care and attention brought into applying the brilliant, brushed or matt finishes. »


Luxuriousness is also conveyed by the sensual feel of the product, involving the selection of materials and the meticulous work made on each item. It is a delicate precision in the equipment handling, both in the shower as also regarding the tap handles. And it is of course, the reliability of the products and installations, for a long lasting and worldwide guarantee.


The company has equipped proudly the Suites of the Paris’ most prestigious hotels for many years, to satisfy the high levels of perfection expected by this type of clients.

Cristal et Bronze also works with retailers, agents and decorators across the five continents.


« We work, sometimes, with the interior designer. This enables us to step back and look at the whole picture, by taking the specifications and the designer’s ideas on board and adapting them to our collections and technical solutions, to find the best solution before presenting it (quite simply) to the end customer.


For this Company, founded in the 1930’s by a French antique dealer, what would be today the economic challenges and the strategic choices, on a globalized market apparently spared by the recession ?


Today’s projects are more and more demanding, both in technical and decorative terms as well as in terms of deadlines.

Therefore, at C&B, we have decided to keep all our know-how, including polishing, at our site in Chateau Landon, and train one apprentice per year, including also the surface treatment workshop, where all the catalogue’s finishes are made, such as brushed nickel, bronze flamme, or satin gold


And this catalogue includes around twenty collections for each product family.

The baroque and classique styles which have forged the company’s identity, are completed by the more recently designed contemporary styles for a new kind of customer.

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