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Beauvillé - Table linen

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At Ribeauvillé in the French region of Alsace, textiles have been printed for almost 200 years.

Although the Beauvillé brand is a mere 20 years old, the MIE “Manufacture d’Impression sur Etoffes” keeps alive certain skills still used here, of which the international renown goes back to the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900.

Many changes have since been made, but the use of modern techniques for colour design and textile treatment has gone hand in hand with environmental concerns, and the factory is now completely pollution-free.

One thing which has not changed is the quest for beauty and the highest quality, quality firmly recognised in the home textile world since the company manufactures for many other brands, which lack the industrial capacity and skills of this reputed factory, awarded the French Living Heritage Label in 2009.

Beauvillé table linen, fruit of the designers’ imagination and talent, has acquired its distinction through long and rigorous production methods.

Firstly the flaming process eliminates superficial tuft from the cloth, which is then bleached at very high temperature in hydrogen peroxide.

This process is the best preparation for colour-dyeing 100% cotton or cotton/linen mixes.

On the printing site, tables 60 metres long await the blank cloth which will be fixed with adhesive, then printed successively with different colours.

Each screen corresponds to a colour. The pattern will gradually become apparent.

The artistic possibilities are limitless: since 2005 one of the company sites has also mastered making textile engraving screens for the company.

The factory using “flat screen” printing, is one of the last factories still hand-producing half of its production.

The printers always work in pairs with the scraper, a technique they have inherited from their forefathers and will pass on to future generations.

In a similar way, they pass on the company culture, with quality always taking priority over profit.

The cloth is dried, then sprayed. This process chemically transforms the dyes, which will better penetrate the textile fibre, guaranteeing complete colour resistance.

Specialised in table linen of the highest quality, Beauvillé exports its production worldwide, to a discerning and elegant clientele: textiles handcrafted using centuries-old skills, brought alive today through classic or perfectly contemporary designs.


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